The T-Virus: (p)Resident Evil Makes Sure It Doesn’t Miss You

1447738-1024x576-desktopnexus-comby Ed Anger, opportunistic occasional contributor

Trivia.  Americans can’t look away, like a car wreck.  Since when did a tweet–ANY tweet–become newsworthy?  This is an avenue specifically designed to carry information Too Trivial for Traditional media.  If you missed it the first time, by definition it wasn’t important!

Twitter, or as I like to refer to this bottom of the social media barrel, Twerper.  After all, who but a Twit or Twerp would exchange insults through a means that cannot possibly have repercussions other than a 140-character counter-insult?  You think anyone’s gonna stand toe-to-toe with Arnold Schwarzenegger and tell him he was a lousy governor, no matter how many secret service agents he’s got at his back?

Apparently TV and Taxpayer money (the two dominant consonants of “TriVia” uncoincidentally lurking there as well) aren’t hip enough anymore.  Just what we all needed, the Maury Povich show with semi-literate politicians!

The entire culture, having apparently run out of real topics–the trials and heroics of mere mortals don’t generate enough interest–has been inoculated (like that free flu-shot they give you at the supermarket that gives you the flu) and thus addicted to trivia.  Imagine yourself as the Texas Ranger who gets assigned to the case of Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey.  “Hell, it’s not bad enough this fella makes 300 times my salary for playing ball, now I get to track down his dirty laundry.  So this is what my career has come to. . .”  Let’s hope nobody robs a bank or kills somebody while he’s not at his post.

Newspapers have already become as thin as Target flyers. Once they start reprinting tweets, we’ll have hit the Trifecta of redundant, useless information that distracts us from the latest global warming evidence or how the debt-ceiling got hiked today.

So T-Rump (how does one type with hands like a T-Rex?) goes after Schwarzenegger, and the Governator shoots back a better one.  What a pair of Trumps.  Ad nauseum.  Then we tune in to the 6-o’clock news to witness how the leaders of our nation have devolved to antics that most of us outgrew as 11-year old children.  Quite a Trip.

I’ve had enough of this Twaddle.  I think I have a case of the D.T.s.  Need a drink. . .

you-go-private-fight-fight-fight-penguins-of-madagascar-24892606-625-467–Too many Chiefs, but a Boon for Bloggers


I highly endorse this unique social networking platform–you may have heard stories about technical difficulties (and alas, some are true, but the crew over there are working overtime and will undoubtedly get them ironed out.)  I’ve only been a member for several weeks, so I can’t speak competently to that.  But I can say this “reach multiplier” is one of those services that, once it’s part of your routine, you wonder how you got by without it.

Essentially, you confer, share, and support other bloggers to get their content in shape and spread around the internet. Your blog’s feed goes into a “stream” that is available to everyone.  Folks from all walks of life, from chefs and their recipes to auto enthusiasts and cars, are welcome.  And it’s FREE, unless you’d like to pay for an upgrade.

Just the ability to scan hundreds of blog posts from all over the world, in a relatively short period of time and from one location, is of value that can’t be overstated.

Now, the learning curve: everyone who joins can start a tribe of their own, as Chief.  This means that everyone ends up in lots of different tribes, which can be a good thing, because it varies your interests.  However, I found I had to withdraw from my largest tribe, because the stream was just too constantly full of fish (so to speak,) for me to focus on my own, close mates.

So here’s my humble suggestion, or at least a report on how I’m endeavoring to use this network.  Unlike FB or Twitter, in which some folks strive to obtain hundreds and even thousands of “friends,” I think Triberr is best employed as a medium to make several, more intimate connections that will actually mean something.  I began a Tribe called “Fiction Afficionados” which is gathering a small international membership.  As the name implies, these are writers (as all bloggers are,) but we don’t limit to authors with books–just people who read quality stuff.  Indie stuff–non-corporate stuff.  Like literary fiction, which the big publishers apparently think won’t sell, judging by the shelves in my local bookseller.

I fully intend to cap membership at about 12 members.  Why?  Am I loco?  Well, I think we can accomplish more by staying tight and actually reading, reviewing, sharing, and supporting each other in a sustained way, rather than as a revolving-door outfit with a sea of faces.

To that end, if there’s anyone out there who thinks they may be a good fit for us, we’ve a few remaining seats at our campfire. It’s not the easiest bunch to belong to, because we’ll help you out, and we’re going to ask you to help us out. Loyalty counts–if you’ve ever seen the Young Guns franchise of movies, I’m talking “Pals.”

Kiefer Sutherland, Emilio Estevez, Christian Slater, and Lou Diamond Philips prove that four deuces beat an ace, every time.

And of course, if your interests lie elsewhere (golf, anyone?), sign up and join, or lead, your own horde of maniacs!