New Book Trailer–Shawn StJean Video Interview on Clotho’s Loom


As he finally gains some technical skills and prepares the Audiobook Edition of Clotho’s Loom for its upcoming release, Shawn StJean explains how his novel began as a guy-centered, military action-adventure, but became a hybrid with a woman’s journey to self-realization, in this 6 1/2 minute video interview.


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For the lead female protagonist of Clotho’s Loom, Nexus Wyrd, my preference would be for veteran actor Elisabeth Shue, most familiar in her youth from the Back to the Future franchise and Adventures in Babysitting, and nowadays CSI on television.

Nexus is about 40 years old, yet carries and births her first child in the course of the novel.  She also experiences many flashbacks, ranging from her college days to the recent past.  Abandoned by her husband, she is left very much on her own, and experiences major changes that we usually associate with people in their twenties.

For such a dynamic character, I needed someone who could play both naive and vulnerable, and tough enough later on to rebuild her shattered life, brick by brick, and defend her child from every peril.  A woman who could convincingly wield a 12 pound sledgehammer (no mean feat).  Also, attractive enough to draw the attentions of the main villain, Dr. M–.   The growing strength of my heroine needs to show in the athleticism of her body, but more, in the experience on her brow.


Casting Call: Main Characters–Heroine