Genre Fiction Rules: Or Why’s Stephen Crane Lurking in Stephen King’s Shadow? Guest Post Hosted by Laurence O’Bryan










Irish author, Twitter phenom, and friend to indie writers Laurence O’Bryan has graciously hosted a post by Shawn StJean on the topic of literary vs. commercial or genre fiction, as part of his great “Emerging Writers” series.

LINK to the article:

While you’re there, check out other thoughtful contributions by writers in need of discovery, and of course, a great blog and Laurence’s own books, like The Istanbul Puzzle.

Thanks, Laurence!


NEW ARTICLE SERIES: Evil Archetypes of Pop Culture



It was inevitable, after over forty years since Romero’s Night of the Living Dead revived (inapt metaphor) and morphed the voodoo-animated monsters of the early 20th century into our beloved, modern brain eaters, and countless “B” movie,”B+” movie, and parody entries into the genre, that Hollywood would throw some serious weight (a.k.a. money) into a blockbuster Zombie movie: World War Z.

TRAILER: (thanks to Andrew at the great pop-culture blog for the heads-up and link).

So I think the time ripe for me to debut a series of articles I’ve been planning for awhile, to dig deeper into our fascination with certain recurring figures from the collective unconscious. Why can’t we get enough of these creatures, monsters, plot-types, and villains?  I’ll begin my analysis with the two most popular at this cultural moment (you guessed it: zombies, and then vampires, in my second effort.)

Look for the debut article later in the week.