Coming Soon

Between traveling recently and a late-summer cold, I’m a bit behind on posts.  Here’s what’s in the works:

Stop by tomorrow for the first of my full book reviews on this site, of works by Indie authors.  The idea is to heighten the visibility of new novels that deserve your attention, as fans of literary fiction.  I’m not publicizing this service, as it will be offered sporadically, but If you’ve checked out Clotho’s Loom and feel you know of something that would interest me, I’d be happy to take a look, and perhaps devote some space to it here.  I’m very willing to help out my fellow self-publishers.

If all goes as planned, tomorrow’s review will be tied to instant FREE copies, for those I can intrigue.

Also, for fans of the “Casting Call” series, I’ve a post this weekend featuring the dashing fellow below.  Who is he–and what prominent Clotho’s Loom character is he slated to play?






What’s Better Than FREE? Clotho’s Loom today and tomorrow!


Loyal followers of this website–this is it!  Grab your chance to own the novel for FREE!  Tell a friend or family member. “Like,” share, pin, forward, tweet, and re-post. Even if you already own a copy, grab another one! (Use your “Manage my Kindle” link to delete your old copy–then you can download a new one.  Why?  It will boost the book’s rankings, and make it more visible to readers who haven’t discovered it yet.)

Then, when you can find the free time–a bit trickier–ENJOY!



And don’t forget, you do NOT NEED A KINDLE!  See instructions here, under #2: