Narrative Structure

The novel is divided into nineteen chapters, which alternate between the male protagonist’s (Will‘s) point-of-view, and the female protagonist’s(Nexus‘) perspective.  In the final chapter, 19, the two re-converge in a cinematic climax.

Further, because of the large scope of the novel and to suggest some thematic connections, the chapters are organized into four major sections: Flood, Firmament, Forge, and Frost/Foundation.


I. Flood                                     Chapters 1-6

(set in Spring, also connotes childhood)

II. Firmament                        Chapters 7-12

(set in Summer, also connotes adolescence)

III. Forge                                 Chapters 13-16

(set in Autumn/Fall, also connotes young adulthood)

IV. Frost/Foundation         Chapters 17-19

(set in Winter, also connotes maturity)

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