Academic articles in print by the Author

Full Length Articles on Literature

“Hanging ‘The Yellow Wall-Paper’: Feminism and Textual Studies.”

Feminist Studies 28.2 (Summer 2002): 396-415.

“‘Aye, Chance, Fate, and Free Will’: Sister Carrie‘s Literary Interweavings.”

Midwest Quarterly 42.3 (Spring 2001): 240-256.

“Dreiser and American Literary Paganism: The Trilogy of Desire.”

IN Theodore Dreiser and American Culture: New Readings

ed. Yoshinobu Hakutani. (Newark: University of Delaware Press, 2000): 203-213.

“Readerly Paranoia and Joyce’s Adolescence Stories.”

James Joyce Quarterly 35.4 (Spring 1999):665-682.

“Mythology, Religion, and Intertextuality in Dreiser’s The Bulwark.

Christianity and Literature 48.3 (Spring 1999): 275-293.

“Gilman’s Manuscript of ‘The Yellow Wall-Paper’: Toward A Critical Edition.”

Studies in Bibliography 51 (1998): 259-273.

“Thoreau’s Radical Consistency.”

The Massachusetts Review (August 1998): 341-357.

“‘Whom the Gods Would Destroy’: Pagan Identity and Sexuality in The ‘Genius’.”

Dreiser Studies 29.1-2 (Spring and Fall 1998): 34-50.

“Social Deconstruction and An American Tragedy.”

Dreiser Studies 28.1 (Spring 1997): 3-24.

Rpt. in Twentieth Century Literary Criticism (Gale Research, 2004).

Full-length Articles on Film

“‘Three Meals a Day and the Fun of It’: Existential Hunger in Kurosawa and Sturges.” IN Postmodernity in East-West Cross-Culturalismed. Yoshinobu Hakutani. (Fairleigh Dickinson/Associated University Presses, 2002): 76-87.

“Cases of Myth-taken Identity in Pulp Fiction.”

Studies in the Humanities 24.1-2 (June and December 1997): 1-11.


“Chance.” Theodore Dreiser Encyclopedia ed. Keith Newlin (Westport, CT:

Greenwood Press, 2003): 58-59.

“Nigger Jeff.” Theodore Dreiser Encyclopedia ed. Keith Newlin (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2003): 282-283.

“An Updated Publication History of ‘The Yellow Wall-Paper’.”

Studies in Short Fiction 34.2 (Spring 1997): 237-241.

Book Reviews

Black Manhood on the Silent Screen by Gerald Butters.”

African American Review 37:2-3 (Summer/Fall 2003): 443-445.

Sister Carrie by Richard Lehan.”

Dreiser Studies 33.1 (Spring 2002): 82-84.

“Frank Norris: Herald of the Late Century.”

Dreiser Studies 30.2 (Fall 1999): 58-61.

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