Pittsburgh’s Laura Smith Interviews Cranky Bear Wakes Up story-sketchbook author, Shawn StJean

Poet, editor, and author of several children’s books, including The Castle Park Kids, Laura Smith works tirelessly on the Indie Publishing scene.  One of her public services is to interview authors to aid their discoverability, amongst the flood of self-published works out there.  In the interview, you’ll find insights into the new picture book illustrated by Todd StJean, Cranky Bear Wakes Up, and a few about Shawn StJean’s older and forthcoming prose works, too. . .

Here’s a sample:  “So the book has an element of allegory. Put simply, we all need friends–and not just on days of personal crisis, but every day–especially the days when they need us.         It’s also a ‘story-sketchbook,’ which means kids are encouraged to color and draw in it themselves (as the back cover clearly shows, I hope.) There’s no more important attribute for a child to cultivate than an active imagination, I believe.”

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