Holiday GoodReads Giveaway–win a bound copy of Clotho’s Loom


I am NOT contributing to pre-Holiday hype, Black-Friday-style.  There’s a reason for this post appearing so early: you want to enter early and often.  (Please note that you must be a member of the GoodReads website to do so–there are Login and Join buttons on the page.)

It’s been awhile since I plugged GoodReads, the massive online community of folks who share news and resources about all things literary.  This year I managed to get organized well-enough to have a giveaway end right on Christmas day.  The novel that gives this website its name will make a thoughtful gift for that literate person on your list–or even yourself. . .

And speaking of lists, Clotho’s Loom is on a dozen of them, including “Novels about Motherhood” and “Veteran Recommendations.” So please vote for it via this second link when you get a minute, and increase its visiblity!