Clotho’s Loom Awarded the IndiePENdents Seal


By Shawn StJean

I’ve written briefly about membership with this organization before (currently there are about 350 of us on the rolls.)  Clotho’s Loom has been awarded the Seal for good writing–only the 40th seal awarded as of today.  This emblem assures potential readers that the book meets high standards in the categories of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting–essentially what one would expect from a book published by a large commercial press and found in a bookstore.

In order to earn this approval, a book must be voted up by three independent evaluators, so the process is much the same as that used by professional and academic peer-reviewed journals.

Although the literary merit of a work is not a criterion for earning a seal, one evaluator had this to say:”The author’s use of an extensive vocabulary and mastery of language serve to make Clotho’s Loom a riveting introspection into the lives of a man and a woman caught in separating circumstances beyond their control. The situations and the reactions of the man and the woman are brought forth in alternating chapters.”

I’d like to repeat my previous encouragement of independent authors to seek (FREE) membership in this vital organization, and volunteer some time to be an evaluator, or otherwise help the cause.  In this way we can aid the reading public in making informed decisions regarding the massive influx of work into the literary market.


3 thoughts on “Clotho’s Loom Awarded the IndiePENdents Seal

  1. emilymcdaid says:

    Congrats, Shawn – that’s great! I haven’t heard about mine yet. I know they have a huge backlog they’re getting through. The seal looks great.


  2. Alana Woods says:

    Shawn, congratulations. I’m flying out to the UK in two days for 4 months. In between looking after two youngsters, helping with a new baby and preparing for a wedding I’ll try to find time to join up !!


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