Stuffs Indie Writers Do, or Ten Eccentric Behaviors of Self-Published Authors


Feel free to add your own in the comments section!


Surpass, in creativity, even your best passages by the means of procrastinating the writing of them.

Check e-mail, with a feeling of hope, 7X in the morning, review venues 3X, sales figures 1X, social media in reverse-proportion to how much drafting/editing you’re actually getting done.

 Keep a tab of constantly open to make sure you just used that word from deep in your vocabulary correctly.

Revere hot beverages as the nectar of the gods, in a vain attempt not to gain weight from so much perching over a desk.

Know by experience which works better on you: aspirin, ibuprofin, acetominofen, or whiskey.  As a famous author once told me, “You don’t have to be an alcoholic to be a good writer–but it certainly seems to help!”

Even though you’re a throwback, you become conversant with software you never thought you’d touch with a ten-foot finger.

Own a keyboard that has survived the crumbs of your entire dietary menu, as well as a few spills, and which therefore openly disgusts everyone but you.

Perseverate over whether that word you “kinda” coined will make it past the editor, even if it’s you.

“Give away” books at a net cost to yourself of minus $xxx, yet still claim “Books sales are getting better.”


Meet people and make friends you never would have, in all parts of the world, otherwise.



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