Homeland Fans Will Find Clotho’s Loom Fits the Profile

ImageAs I have come late to Showtime’s action-adventure-spy series about CIA operatives in their chess-match against Middle Eastern terrorist cells, it struck me how many similarities exist between the adventures of Carrie Mathison, Nicholas Brody, and Saul Berenson, and this big novel of mine, Clotho’s Loom, that traces its origins back to before even September 11, 2001.  Not that the series and the book would be mistaken for derivative of each other–the post 9/11 landscape of America is the subject of a great many fictional extrapolations, of course.  However, halfway through season two, I am particularly struck by the moral dilemma of Brody, a former Marine sniper trying to sort out his allegiances amid a network of lies, and struggling ultimately to salvage a life for his family against overwhelming circumstances, some awful personal choices, and random events.  All this occurs against the backdrop of the U.S. War on Terror.  William Wyrd certainly could be considered the literary cousin, if not father, of Brody, to say nothing of other countless parallels.

So if reading is part of your agenda, but you’ve moved past all the Bond and Bourne stuff already, and are now keeping material like Homeland in your sights, you won’t be far off the mark with Shawn StJean’s novel.



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