Clotho’s Loom Trade Paperback for Order at Amazon–Hot off the Press (Literarily) for late 2012

And while I’m pleased this is happening as the holiday season kicks off, I want to caution you that AZ is being optimistic about how soon you can get the book (they say as soon as tomorrow.)  As the publisher–who is in direct communication with the printer–I’d hate to have someone order the book only to wait impatiently for it.  Createspace tells me next week, perhaps December 9th through the 10th, is realistic.

In any event, you’re welcome to place the order, and you will have your copy before the holidays!  The “Purchase the Novel” menu item in the left column has several ordering options.

ALSO, for you road warriors, don’t forget that I’m working post-production on the Audiobook edition (production sample in the left column)–and that in addition to purchasing that as a standalone, it will eventually be bundled with the Kindle edition and/or the print edition–so there will soon be a multitude of ways to experience the novel.



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