Clotho’s Loom now available in Trade Paperback! Literary Fiction by Shawn StJean


Well, here’s a pleasant surprise for Yours Truly.  I was able, by delaying my work on the Audiobook for a week, to put the Createspace proofs of Clotho’s Loom to bed a month ahead of schedule.  The mass-market paperback will appear for sale on Amazon sometime next week.  But the book is available NOW for holiday order, both directly from the printer, or fresh from the publisher, Glas Daggre (here at  Just click the “Purchase the Novel” link in the left menu to see the options.  The list price is $20–I’d prefer it were lower, but it is a big, thick 540- page (205,000 word) book that you will not soon finish.  And as a Season’s Greeting, I’m offering my kind blog visitors in December either a printer’s discount code, or FREE shipping from me–your choice.  Estimated delivery, at the time of this writing, is December 17.

BTW, a “trade” or mass-market paperback has a large-format binding (6 inches by 9 is standard) and the same interior layout and paper/page quality as a hardcover book, but with a soft cover.  It is NOT the small, disposable paperback book of the airport gift-shop.




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