Self-Publishing Cover Design for the Indie Author–Glas Daggre Logos

ImageThe challenges of print-ready cover design are now upon me, and I required not one, but TWO publisher’s logos: one for the spine (usable as single-color clipart-quality, for everything from letterhead to business cards) and a fully-realized one for more formal requirements (in this case, the back cover).  I was lucky enough to locate an image of an actual glass dagger, in exactly the kind of jade color I favor!  In case anyone wonders, the concept for “glass dagger” connotes the paradox of force and fragility–one can imagine that such a weapon would have to be employed, like language itself, in a very precise manner not to miss the mark and shatter.  In plainer terms, I also wanted to suggest that writers convert or at least reveal the beauty of mundane, or even terrible, objects.Image

To complete the “simple” task of cover design (I’ll reveal it if, and after, it survives the approval process of Createspace and/or Lightning Source) I’ve had to employ at least three software suites:  MS Office, Adobe PDF or equivalent, Zoner Photo Studio, (and Paint when I needed something simple.)  Quite a learning curve.

Anyone have an opinion or suggestions?


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