So When Did Black Friday Become A Bigger “Holiday” Than Thanksgiving?

Need I say more?  Well, I’ll say a little.  If aliens are intercepting our media transmissions, they can’t help but come to the above conclusion.  I barely watch 1-2 hours of television nightly, and yet I’ve seen hundreds of BF-hype commercials this week, and hardly one that even  mentioned our nation’s unique holiday of gratitude.  I seem to recall this started out as a kind of ironic joke–“Black” means awful in this context, right?  Now, forget aliens, what message is this sending the kids?  “Okay, we’re grateful for what we have through the preceding year, blah, blah, let’s get 3-4 hours sleep and rush out for more.  Why such a hurry?  Well, little Joey and Sara, it’s so cheap.

My broad interpretation is that the vendors and stores and conglomerates and credit agencies and banks are slowly and surely buying us and our values–and they’re getting us pretty cheap.  Now, I know everyone is not participating.  But someone must be.  Otherwise these things wouldn’t get bigger every year.

Anyway, in a spirit of Thanks and Gratitude, I’d like to take a personal, non-commercial moment to name a few of the milestones for Clotho’s Loom (the website and the book)–ironic, I know, as these are by definition commercial entities. So if you’re reading this, you might want to stop here–your time would be better spent meditating on your own stuff.

CL the site has been in existence for about six months.  Since that first post, “A Modest Beginning,” we’ve had about 100 posts, and 5000 unique views.  CL the book has gotten on 100 shelves over at GoodReads and 250 people have entered the giveaway of the forthcoming print edition there.  I have just finished laying down the raw audiotracks of the Audiobook edition (all 205,000 words–whew!)  The print edition is on schedule, unbelievably enough.

So if anyone is still here and has contributed to any of this, THANKS SO MUCH.  Enjoy the holiday season, wherever you are. . .


Marvel Comics pays tribute to Norman Rockwell’s famous painting, and more importantly, the American Holiday



4 thoughts on “So When Did Black Friday Become A Bigger “Holiday” Than Thanksgiving?

  1. Alana Woods says:

    It pretty well sums up every festive holiday now — easter, christmas, you name it. But before this year I didn’t know about Black Friday. It’s not one we ‘celebrate’ here in Australia. No doubt it will catch on though — whatever the US does we seem to follow.


  2. shawnst says:

    That would be odd–BF withOUT Thanksgiving–but I guess that’s kinda my point.


  3. cckillam says:

    I agree with everything you say about black Friday. But, it doesn’t mean “awful”. It’s black Friday, because, on that day, businesses have positive sales. They’re back “in the black,” and not in debt or “in the red”.


  4. shawnst says:

    Hmm, thanks for that interpretation–though it seems generous to me. As I understand it, most businesses fail to break even until the season is over, if then.


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