Casting Call–Miscellaneous characters–“Fair is Foul, and Foul Fair”


Summer Glau as the viper, Ms. D.

As I record the final Audiobook chapters of Clotho’s Loom, I found myself searching for a voice characterization of “Agency” huntress Ms. D. (who appears to take custody of Nexus Wyrd‘s baby from her, as an unfit mother,) and it occurred to me that I wanted a faux-friendly, precise but somewhat robotic and mechanistic set of intonations, emblemizing the perfect company-woman: policy, rules, documents define her existence.  Also known as the Woman in Black, she relentlessly tracks the mother-and-son fugitives (sound familiar, Sarah Connor Chronicles fans?)  So the choice was inevitable: Summer Glau (Firefly is commemorating it’s tenth anniversary already, for you time-relativists).  Dye her hair black, put her into a sharp black business suit, heels, nails, hair–hell, everything jet black, even her car–a great contrast to the palest skin she can manage (we’ll have to catch her in winter, not summer.  Or maybe she has an obscure sister?)

The character of Jack (one of Will’s helpers) is best described as a desert rat: inhabiting the wasteland ranges west of the Great Salt Lake in Utah, he’s a deranged, starved, scarecrow of a hermit.  Probably doesn’t sound like the Sam Elliott many of you know as the narrator of The Big Lebowski, or of countless westerns, but I can see it there: the age, the eyes, the wild hair and potentially out-of-control facial grooming.  Strip him down to about 160 pounds of tall, lean muscle.  Jack functions as prophet and seer, which recommends Sam for his best feature (no, I don’t mean the moustache): his voice.  Jack doesn’t talk much, but when he does, you best listen–it’s all resonant.


Sam Elliott as Jack the Hermit


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