Casting Call: Supporting Characters, part 3. Antagonist, or Savior?


I set out to create Dr. M– in the grand style of Byronic hero: alone, brooding, handsome, powerful, and potentially dangerous. Shades of Mr. Rochester.  Not just an attractive “bad boy” for my heroine, in sharp contrast to her husband–but a bad man.  A man that everyone had heard of, and yet few encountered in the flesh.  His name: first, an homage to the early days of fiction, in which certain characters’ names were revealed only by initial, lest they be taken for living persons and subject the publisher to lawsuits.  Just by reading about him, one is always on the verge of uttering something wrong.  Second, I chose M– because, it seemed to me that more tragically demented figures in Western fiction have names that start with “M,” than any other letter: Montraville, Manfred, Moriarty, Magneto, and Montresor, for a start.  And I made him a doctor, for. . .well, best you read the book to find that out.

His appearance is of a robust 60 years of age (a vast amount of experience, and yet, not an old man.  Absolutely no sign of physical decline–to augment this, he stands over six feet tall.)  He wears a long black coat and slouch hat, that shade his eyes more often than not in spite of his height, from a habit of looking down upon everything, with a voice persuasive and even hypnotic.

Dr. M– is long used to getting what he wants, because few have the will to deny him. And is he out merely to seduce Nexus–or save her from the abyss, and himself in the process?  I thought Daniel Day-Lewis, famous in younger days as Hawkeye in The Last of the Mohicans, and lately wrapping as Lincoln, with his looks, frame, and voice talent–strong hints of danger possible, for the summoning–would be a perfect fit.



One thought on “Casting Call: Supporting Characters, part 3. Antagonist, or Savior?

  1. shawnst says:

    Well, I haven’t made a call this popular since I cast Molly Ringwald in the role of Madeline DeFraine!


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