Ebook Promotion and Marketing at Work, One Word / Brick / Weld / or Stitch at a Time


And no, I don’t mean doing it while your boss has her back turned!  Just choose your metaphor.

I’m preparing a substantial post on “disambiguation” as a literary-fiction promotional strategy for Sunday.  Meanwhile, as I write, The Boiler Plot (reviewed two days ago here, and currently on a KDP Select free promo) sits at the  #4 slot in Suspense on Amazon UK.  Incredible!  Congratulations Emily McDaid!  If you haven’t done so yet, you have only today left to look down a few posts, and click through to help her hit #1, there or in the U.S.!

Also, by coincidence, Shawn and Clothos’ Loom are featured today as “Talent in the Spotlight” on Humanmade.net.  These good folks bring visibility not only to writers/authors with novels, but artists and art of all kinds–so as long as you’re not a robot, and if you’ve got something you created, give them a look at http://www.humanmade.net/

Next, there seems to be much buzz around Pinterest these days, and you may have seen our “Casting Call” characters gathering there.  I’ve added two more boards, “Great Movie Posters” and “Great Comic Book Covers” to go along with the literary fiction ones: http://pinterest.com/shawnstjean/  I feel the motif that unites these boards is Storytelling.

Finally, and also as I write, 188 people have entered the Clotho’s Loom Giveaway on GoodReads: http://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/enter_choose_address/32666-clotho-s-loom-a-novel-of-literary-romance-and-realism  I’m hoping to register 1000 before it’s all over!

EDIT: latest promo blurb by one of many generous sites: http://bookgoodies.com/clothos-loom-by-shawn-stjean/

This is all part of the day-to-day business of gaining “discoverability” for one’s novel, acting as one’s own literary agent and publicist, which is actually more difficult than writing it in the first place!


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