Clotho’s Loom has a Video Teaser Trailer!


Thanks to the good folks at Animoto for providing the software and hosting this little foray of mine into another branch of promotion for my novel.  Link is in the column to your left.  Turn up the volume–it really makes a difference!

I’d really like to produce a more “cinematic” trailer, with bits lifted from live-action films.  All this talk of “Casting Calls” may be going to my head.  If I can figure out the video-editing software–questionable–I’ll give it a shot.

By the way, and in light of yesterday’s post about moral literature, I’ll take this opportunity to affirm that this is, indeed a “PG” book, or “PG-13” at most.  Barely any language or suggestiveness, a little non-sexual nudity, but there is some military-style violence–mostly action adventure-level, but not all of it.  I really don’t think anyone under the age of 15 would be at all interested, anyway.


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