Casting Call–Minor Characters, Part 3


James Carville is not an actor by profession–he’s a political consultant and analyst tied to the Democratic party, and especially Bill Clinton, but he just looks the part of Mr. Adder so well, I had to include him.  Adder is Nexus Wyrd’s office manager at the firm of Domino & Wright.  A real bean counter, sycophant, and the first guy you think of when you suspect someone might steal credit for your own hard work.  Recall Hamlet, declaring he’d trust Rosencrantz and Guildenstern “as adders fanged.”  Sorry, James, you even resemble a snake.

An associate and sometime-friend of Nexus’, lawyer Madeline DeFraine is more refined (or garish, depending on your sense of taste), better looking, and certainly more charming than Adder–but watch her.  She’s given up so much of her humanity to raise her social and material status–picture her with a glittering bauble dangling from every extremity–that her ultimate motives, and allegiances, could only be hinted at.  Molly Ringwald, of Breakfast Club and lately of When It Happens To You (her book) fame, would do a sterling job with this part, I suspect.  Read your literature: women with red hair?  Trouble.



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