Casting Call–Minor Characters, part 2



For today’s imagining of a film version of Clotho’s Loom with a dream cast, I’m looking to Great Britain to fill the roles of lawyers Domino and Wright, who co-control Nexus’ highly stratified place of employment.   Bill Nighy (top), late of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and appearing in this year’s remake of Total Recall, needs to be aged about 15 years to play elderly Thomas Wright, son of the law firm’s founder.  Wright was a character that grew more and more complex in the writing, demanding a level of back story most minor characters never get.  He’s driven, by good intentions, to leave a legacy to his shrinking community that will ensure its survival in the twenty-first century–and in doing so, the legal (versus the ethical or moral) becomes his overriding guide.

Vinnie Jones, a recognized-on-sight, veteran heavy of two dozen films, going back to Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, would be my choice for the unpredictable and volatile senior partner Domino–think a more brooding Joe Pesci–a man with a ruthless desire to get his hands on the practice, and do things his own way.  His motivations and loyalties remain mysterious, but most people sense it’s better to stay out of his path–and yet, Nexus can’t seem to.  Put Jones in a high-dollar sharkskin suit, and groom him meticulously.  And then somehow convince him this character doesn’t need a gun.

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