StJean’s book needs the Stephen Colbert bump, some of Jon Stewart’s juice. . .

ImageHosts of The Colbert Report and The Daily Show thumb wrestle for dibs over interviewing StJean

I was pondering how I could promote my book, beyond the back-breaking work of writing and issuing legitimate press releases, contacting reviewers, scheduling interviews, putting in the hours with my fellow obscure bloggers, and all that troublesome toil, when it hit me: if it really is the World Wide WEB, then strumming just one tightly tensioned strand ought to send out a vibration that any sensitive late-night television journalist ought to feel, even when couched in his cushy lair!  And hey, this is Clotho’s Loom, after all–who weaves better than we, uh, do?   Then I further thought, well, they only seem to interview authors of non-fictional works, right?  So why couldn’t I be the first?  My novel surely treats the hot political issues of the day with a hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners approach (see my earlier post, “Patriot-Schism.”)

So there you are folks:  what we need is for everyone along the conduit that leads either directly, or circuitously, to Mssrs. Stewart and Colbert, to keep the vibe humming–maybe it will get there!

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