I began this blog three months ago in anticipation of this day–and I hate to admit how long ago I began writing the book itself!  If I had known, well. . .

So, I hope you all enjoy reading it–I certainly had many, many hours of satisfaction composing it.  The computer-formatting caused me a lot of grief, and there may be some teething problems with the Amazon delivery system, but these should be resolved shortly.  If you do have problems getting the book, please spend a few minutes trying the workaround I posted in “Purchase the Novel,” and in the Amazon review section.  But if all else fails, contact me directly, and I will do my best to make it right for you. 

In the next phase, I will appreciate any aid at all in helping to promote the book, this blog, and my other little pages around the web.  Every “Like” and “Share” counts, every review, however brief, counts, and every word-of-mouth recommendation counts!  Remember that there’s a whole bunch of people out there who are looking for a book just like this one, but to them it’s a needle in a haystack–for now.

THANKS so much for all those who have given their support!



  1. says:

    Hi Shawn’ P-Day finally here. Congratulations. Hope to see you soon. We will take you out to celebrate. Good Luck Love Mom


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