FREE Kindle promotion!



Okay, I promised to do this, so here’s how it works.  I can offer, as a promotion, up to FIVE days on the Amazon website, in which the novel can be purchased for $0.00.  Pretty good deal!  I’d like everyone to take advantage of this, whether you need to or not.  Why?  Because it boosts the stats, ranking, and visibility of the book, independent of the money it makes.  And that’s gonna be good for sales!

So, this weekend (August 4 and 5) I’m going to cheat a bit and kick this off by offering the SAMPLE version, currently on, for free.  For those of you loyal to this site, the text will be nothing you haven’t seen before–as it has been available for weeks already, right here.  Please download it there, anyway.  You’ll then have the Kindle version to try out, whether on an actual device, or on the virtual versions I discussed in my last post.  And you’ll help the book ranking.

Following that, as the book goes FULL VERSION on August 11, I will schedule a free day for it, too (exact date(s) to be determined).  Whether you wish to pay the $2.99 or not, download it then, too!  Every click helps, believe me.

Hopefully it’s clear this is a marketing strategy that Amazon has developed.  It works!  It helps sales, ultimately, by boosting exposure.  So, again, please contribute a few minutes to the effort.

One thought on “FREE Kindle promotion!

  1. shawnst says:

    By the way, anyone enrolled in Amazon Prime can borrow the novel for free, ANYTIME. I believe the lending period is 14 days? (Bear with me, I’m new at all this.)


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