Link to Amazon purchase page!


But DO NOT buy, yet!  Until the countdown is up in 13 DAYS, you can only get the same sample chapters you can get for FREE on this website (link at left).  It is holding the place of the complete novel, but I wanted to get things moving as early as possible.  The FULL text, cover art, table of contents, and so on, will all be uploaded in less than two weeks.

I DO invite anyone who has read the sample chapters, if they so desire, to post a pre-review on Amazon, at your leisure.  We can never get enough exposure.

When I get an ISBN, the novel can then be recommended on sites like Goodreads (there’s an ASIN number on there, currently–I’m not sure if that will work.)  Anyone who would care to link to the Amazon page in your social networks, I appreciate it.  But remember, DON’T BUY YET!

2 thoughts on “Link to Amazon purchase page!

  1. Ari Hendershot says:

    Can’t wait!


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