T-minus. . .



Okay, here we go!  Hopefully self-explanatory, but for clarity’s sake, that’s DAYS.  Two weeks from tomorrow, CLOTHO’S LOOM will be available, in its copyedited entirety, to the reading public!  Not as early in the summer as I’d hoped, but perhaps you’ve still got a slot open in your schedule for what I think will be worth the wait.

The scheduled venue is Amazon.com, which means Kindle format.  Price: a modest $2.99.  However, for those who need a conversion for another device, write to me here and I can provide it.  ALSO, there will be, according to Amazon’s incentive program, a few FREE days in which the novel can be downloaded–I will try my best to alert my loyal blog followers to be ready for them.

A very exciting and busy time for me, then.  Finally, I will issue an occasional, repeated request: for those of you actually reading, POST, POST, POST.  Do it here, sure, but I would especially appreciate you hitting the Amazon page frequently, linking it to friends and family, putting it in your cart (no need to buy more than once, of course) and PLEASE REVIEW the book on Amazon!




2 thoughts on “T-minus. . .

  1. Mom says:

    Good luck Shawn. I know you have worked very hard on this novel.
    Love Mom


  2. Karen Savella says:

    Woo-hoo! Non vedo loro (I can’t wait)! The summer needs to s l o w down so I can get my reading done but know that Clotho’s Loom will be on my Kindle regardless!


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