A Haven in the Storm


I had need for many locations for this novel.  Will, of course, travels the world, while his wife Nexus stays closer to her birthplace.  Still, her journey does not take place entirely within the offices of Domino & Wright, nor within her suburban neighborhood.  Today I worked on a mid-chapter which features a retreat to a cottage belonging to one of Sage’s cousins–thus, a vaguely European feel, even if located in the U.S.  It needed to feel isolated, safe, and cozy, be located in a sylvan landscape, and yet serve as a base for several minor adventures.  Having put my protagonist through the wringer, I required a place where she could rest, regather her strength, and learn new skills for the greater trials that await her in the latter chapters.

People who have lived in many houses, many regions, and yet have been always on the search for a real home to call their own, will find much to empathize with in these pages. 


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