Time and Balance, Part II


UPDATE: When I created this blog about six weeks ago, I had targeted this time in June to finish final editing, and upload the entire novel.  Turns out, the work is going slower then I prophesied, and the release date will be put off until later in summer.  While the book is in very good shape as it is, I find I can’t resist the urge to continue tweaking, even as I correct more obvious errors: looking for just the right word or phrase, like picking up a single grain of sand or rice, takes considerable effort.

Funny, when I set out to write this novel, I was about five years younger than my two protagonists, and had to imagine (a bit) what 40 years old would feel like.  Now, in the final stages, I’m five years older than they are–and oh do I envy them their ability to stay the same age–and now I have to remember.

One thing that seems to have changed from my thirties to my forties is a total loss of my sense of hurry.  Ironically for an enthusiast who spends much of his spare time under the hood of cars, when actually on the road, I drive the speed limit and just let everyone pass, thinking, I’ll get there.  So I guess this is my way of begging the indulgence of folks who are kindly paying attention to my musings here, enduring the hype.  In future retrospect, I believe the few extra weeks I’m taking now will make for a work, overall, more worth my readers’ valuable time: because I sincerely disbelieve in books and movies that drag you along, hoping “maybe it will get better.”  I think the enjoyment, in some form or other, should come, if not on every single page or frame, at least in a steady stream of moments.

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