Entanglement and Entrapment

One parallel between my female and male protagonists that will be easily discerned, even in Chapters 1 and 2, is the state of being entrapped: that is, of being drawn into circumstances over which one has little or no control.  In fact, Will’s most basic conflict occurs when he is drafted–the condition that he’s 39 years old at the time is an added complication–and neither of these is within his power to change.  Similarly, Nexus gets noticed at her law office, and thence impressed into service outside of her own life-plan, without meaning or wanting to.

This is why Fate / Moira (Gr.) is sometimes envisioned as involving “weaving,” and “lines,” or “nets.”  One can’t get out!  The old noir films of the 1940s liked to express this mood with visual symbolism, like the use of Venetian blinds, or aural techniques, such as a fatalistic narrator who describes events that have already happened–thus, imbuing them with the quality of inevitability.


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