Time and Balance

Imagine that you experience life in a much different way from others around you.  For example, your journey through time is quite not the linear progression of events that others describe.  You “live in the moment,” but which moment is dictated more by feelings than by logic.


Further imagine that you have permanently allied yourself with another person, on whose daily existence you depend, but who doesn’t share your point of  view.  How would that work?  I see this relationship as two children on a rotating teeter-totter: both are needed for balance, yet perhaps one likes to go up-and-down, but the other enjoys spinning.  Both could use a little of the other’s perspective.

Yet, anyone who has done this activity knows, if you want to change places, there’s only one way to avoid a big fall on someone’s part: careful communication. When one just makes a snap decision and acts on it. . .

This is why I recommend the novel be read in pairs of chapters, as with the samples I provide: 1 with 2, 3 with 4, and so on.  You’ll discover many convergences between the two protagonists, but many divergences, too.



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