Sample Chapters in .DOC format, and a strange Mother’s Day post

Here they are:

(highlight, right-click and go through to the URL)

The coding is OpenOffice/MSWord, so for those who can’t read them any other way, this is exportable and printable.  I’d ask that you not share these directly with others or redistribute them; rather, please link interested parties to this website, so they can have a look.

On a quick, unrelated note: as one scans through the imagistic representations of the Fates (referred to in my novel’s title, and that of this website,) it is fascinating to note, from antiquity down to the present, how various artists have interpreted these most mysterious of mythological figures.  But one pattern emerges clearly: when they cannot be idealized, young, and beautiful, they must be old, horrific crones.  Compare the capture below to the current masthead.  Seemingly, no in-between is possible.  To me, this speaks to the greater and deep ambivalence toward women in general that has helped define western culture–and I have tried to address this, in a modest way, within the covers of my book.



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