Chapters 1 and 2 are HERE! Enjoy (or read through for advice on exporting the files to E-Reader devices)

Full text is available to read under the “Sample Chapters” menu at the left.  This is fully ten percent of the entire novel, and should get you off to a great start while I edit and code for the fast-approaching release in E-Reader format.  I sincerely hope you decide to read the other 90% when it appears.

I suggest you do read the chapters in pairs (1 and 2, 3 and 4,and so on,) as they were designed to work that way: odd numbered chapters devoted to the adventures of Will, even numbered ones to Nexus. Until the ending Chapter (19), that is. Early on, you’ll quickly see a crossover of perspectives, sometimes on the very same occurrences.  Naturally, a man and woman may experience and recall shared events, well. . .a bit differently.

Disclaimers on format:  For those who do not enjoy reading directly from the vertical plane of a computer screen, I feel your pain.  I have already converted these sample chapters into MOBI (Kindle), EPUB (Nook and others), and PDF formats, with reasonable accuracy.  The coding changes a bit with each format: for example, as the text appears on this WordPress website, my paragraph indentations (originally coded in OpenOffice/MS Word) have disappeared.  I encourage anyone who thinks they may have found material errors NOT attributable to reformatting (missing blocks of text, or garbled text, etc.,) to please report these to me ASAP, either through private message or publicly in the “Comments” section of the Sample Chapter page.

I had intended to make all of these alternative formats available for download.  However, the website seems unable to host them.  Or at least, I have not yet discovered how to make it do so. [Edit–Here’s the PDF file, at least:   Follow the link, open the document, right-click, and save to your computer.]  Meanwhile, there are two alternative routes: first, you can cut-and-paste the text (I had success doing this with both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, though not with Google Chrome) into a Word document.  Your device may display it this way.  If not, you can proceed to convert it with programs like Sigil/Calibre as I did–this gets more complicated and requires intermediate skill.

Failing that, the second option would be to e-mail me a request (“Contact the Author” at left) and I will attach a copy of the appropriate, formatted file for you.  No introductions necessary–simply write “sample chapters request” as your subject line, and either “MOBI” “EPUB” “PDF” or “DOC” in the body.  You can then transfer the attachment, by cable or wireless, into the personal library of your reading device.

Finally, for those with NO computer skills (I hear you,) I can only humbly ask your patience.  Read as much as you can stand off the site directly, and (hopefully) the entire book will be available for commercial download before your eyes give out.     –Shawn

[EDIT]: It occurred to me that someone might want to just plain PRINT it, which can be done with cut-and-paste into MS Word, to save ink.  You’ve got probably 40 pages there, so I would not recommend using an inkjet.  Or just wait until you’re at work 😉



One thought on “Chapters 1 and 2 are HERE! Enjoy (or read through for advice on exporting the files to E-Reader devices)

  1. shawnst says:

    REMINDER: Nook and Kindle-format sample chapters available directly by contacting the Author!


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