I’m looking for a good summer read: How long is Clotho’s Loom?

My best estimate is 200,000 words, so that should fill the bill.  The sample chapters, which I’m editing now, are together over twenty thousand.  It’s got enough scope to include a full complement of minor characters, and even story arcs for some of them.

On a related note, one of the ubiquitous pieces of advice one hears about novel-writing is to “write cinematically”: that is, so that someone will eventually buy movie rights!  So, having written about Bourne yesterday, I will say that, as a reader I do often try to picture the characters of a novel in my mind.  Now, writing Clotho’s Loom, I never really did get a clear image of Will or Nexus, but there was one minor character who always stood out very clearly to me: Nexus’ new friend, Sage.  I’ve posted a photo of Gina Torres (a “Big Bad” in Angel, Zoe in Serenity).  She has the beauty, the toughness, the Earth-Mother look, the acting chops, and the height!  Interestingly enough, I had dream-cast her in this role years before she appeared as the head of a law firm in Suits (TV)–you’ll see why I call this kismet when you read into the mid-chapters.

If there’s enough interest later, we’ll do a full “casting call” by readers.  For now, I’ll leave off for bigger news tomorrow.  So check back!


One thought on “I’m looking for a good summer read: How long is Clotho’s Loom?

  1. […] back in May, https://clothosloom.wordpress.com/2012/05/10/im-looking-for-a-good-summer-read-how-long-is-clothos-lo… I wrote here that I thought Gina Torres would make a great Sage in a film version of Clotho’s […]


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